Minimal desktops

We all have desktops on our computers. Files sit there for quick access. Folders remind us of unfinished projects. This space can quickly become cluttered and distracting. In most cases you only need one to three folders on your desktop. I have one.

Sort files into folders based on their projects. Put unused folders into an archive folder. Use the empty space on your desktop for daily projects. Every morning you’ll turn on your computer to a clean desktop, it’s great!

A few tips:

  1. Label files and folders appropriately. Take a few seconds to come up with a logical name for every file. You’ll be able to find any file later within seconds, without using search.
  2. If you are working with multiple iterations of files, use a simple naming convention such as, “xproject_r1”. Increasing the number sequentially as changes are made to the file. Don’t ever use the word final.
  3. Go through your folders on a regular basis. You’ll recognize which files are necessary to retain and which can be culled.

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