The wallet revisited

What do you really need in your wallet? I carry my driver’s license and two debit cards. My wallet used to be a trifold. It was large and awkward in my back or front pockets. Having a larger wallet fulfills a natural law that requires an empty space to be filled, with stuff. In went receipts, rewards cards, and other unnecessary items. If you think you need rewards cards try giving your phone number to the cashier instead of showing your card, it works. I’ve since downsized my wallet. It has a few slots for cards and a pouch for rolling up cash and putting it inside, that’s it. I think I’ll eventually upgrade to a clip or band to reduce what I have to carry around.

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I'm a web designer, and a writer. I enjoy spendng time with my wonderful wife. I'm a Christian, a minimalist and a Dave Ramsey fan.

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