Inspiration vs hard work

Recently I read a great opinion piece by James Mowery on inspiration. While the article is written for web designers, you’ll pull some great principles from it regardless of your occupation. I’ll summarize briefly and link to the article.

Web designers enjoy inspiration. Unfortunately for some of us it tends toward obsession. We spend time soaking in and absorbing design galleries, nature, photography, books, etc. While these activities are not wrong and when used appropriately are great towards obtaining specific ideas for a project, they are not a substitute for doing the project itself. If you are going to these websites to get inspired to do the project, you’re looking at the situation wrong. There’s no substitute for hard work. To quote Thomas Edison, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

Yes, get inspired as it fits within your project, but keep it balanced by a health dose of hard work, nothing beats that. Checkout the whole article.

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