This year I made a personal goal to start a blog on minimalism and write daily. Sometimes I fall behind and have to catch up; but so far it’s been extremely rewarding. Writing feels like a type of therapy for me, it helps my mind to relax as I share my thoughts.

I’ve been encouraged by my friend Clay. Both of us determined to start daily projects for this year. His is an art blog, drawing a picture every day for a year. Mine has been to write on minimalism. His determination to stick it through has inspired me. The initial New Year’s Resolution has long worn off, so having someone else to keep me accountable is encouraging. So here’s my note to you CJ, keep up the good work and don’t stop.

Published by Joshua

I'm a web designer, and a writer. I enjoy spendng time with my wonderful wife. I'm a Christian, a minimalist and a Dave Ramsey fan.

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