Just doing

The Nike slogan is inspiring. When you cut out all the junk, the excuses and objections that get in the way of taking action, you are left with three simple words, “just do it”. Isn’t that powerful? Those words inspire energy. Forget excuses and what others might think; just do it, make your dreams come true.

I believe God is teaching me an important lesson here. There must be a law of nature involved. When I decide to take action on something, that very action causes me to want to do more. So if you want to start something go ahead and give it a try. Taking action, even if you mess up, is far better than doing nothing out of fear. Start small, but do something. For example if you want to start writing on a topic that you are passionate about, forget the excuses. When you start the very act of starting switches something on in your brain. Writing inspires more writing.

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I'm a web designer, and a writer. I enjoy spendng time with my wonderful wife. I'm a Christian, a minimalist and a Dave Ramsey fan.

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  1. This is great Jason looking forrwaod to se more. I would like to se some ways to use mindfullness in training and some kind of grappling drills I see grappling like a way of playing.Mabye some kind of programming for a workout of play or ist that against the whole ideaGeir

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