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Minimal email

We’re surrounded by email. We use it every day and it’s become an integral part of our lives. Here are five ways to keep your emails to the minimum.

  1. Keep it short
    We don’t want to live in our inboxes and no one likes long emails. Do others the courtesy of keeping your emails short and concise. Force yourself to write emails in two sentences or less. If the email is coming out too long ask yourself if it needs to be more actionable.
  2. Actions
    Every email you send should have an action. By making your emails short and starting with an action you’ll help keep the attention of the action first and foremost in your contact’s mind.
  3. List your questions
    This is absolutely essential. Break out your questions into numbered items in all emails you send. If you don’t do this your contact may quickly scan your email and just respond to the first question.
  4. Put a deadline
    Having a deadline gives your contact a reference point to prioritize your email. This is liberating and leaves out any possibility for loose ends.
  5. Don’t rant
    Emails are impersonal. They don’t convey inflection or tone. If you write something by email in a negative tone you risk the chance of having your message completely misunderstood. Anytime you have to deal with a sticky situation you’re safer making a phone call or meeting in person. Never send an email that you wouldn’t feel comfortable being dug up later.

Checkout the full article which was inspired by the99percent.

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