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Minimalist packing

I pack light while traveling. It’s a challenge to see how little I can bring with me. Experience has taught me what is absolutely necessary and what is dead weight. For short trips, whether by plane or car, I bring my laptop bag and one carry on sized bag. I was even able to do this on a three week trip to Hawaii recently, it was great! Packing light is one aspect of a minimalistic lifestyle. Bring only the essentials, keep your life and trip simple. You’ll have more time to focus on your trip and less on carting around your bags. Reuse clothes, wear your jeans or socks more than once, and wash your undergarments while you shower.

Next time you travel somewhere bring less clothes than you think you’ll need. You may feel out of your comfort zone but what’s the worst that can happen? Maybe you’ll have to wear a shirt more than once. After some experimenting you’ll be a pro at minimalist packing, you may even come to enjoy the challenges it brings and have one more reason to look forward to that next vacation.

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