When I’m near the mountains I feel at home. Right now we live in the Midwest in a small city; while our apartment is comfortable and the neighborhood is quiet, I look forward to moving back to where the change in the landscape is more than a small hill. As a teenager I lived in Northern California. On the weekends we’d drive close to Lake Tahoe.

We often hiked up one mountain in particular, Horsetail Falls. The name comes from the white falls that shoot over its edge and plunge into a river which leads to the valley. As we hiked we’d follow the path of the falls. At the top are a series of lakes. The water was cold year round, but we’d brave it for a quick swim. Once, in the end of June I was still able to throw snowballs from patches of snow that hadn’t melted.

One of my fondest memories at the top Horsetail Falls is watching the sun set over the valley. As the sun finished setting we’d race down the mountain before it got too dark to see. I miss those times and can’t wait till another opportunity arises to move close to the mountains!

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