It’s been said that the size of the purse correlates to the age of the woman. Some women are prone to reduce their purse sizes with age, while others start small and add on with the years. My wife used to carry around a purse that was, in my opinion, too big. When full it easily weighed 7-10 pounds. She upgraded to a smaller purse, less than half the size. The smaller capacity required her to put less in it, making life easier as she carried it around.

An unwritten law states that an empty space must be filled. If you carry around a larger purse, you’re going to put more stuff in it. Limit the size of your purse and you’ll be forced to carry less. Write out a list of how many things you carry in your purse, then narrow it down to what’s essential.

Do you know everything that’s in your purse? Do you use everything in it on a regular basis? Much like the back of a closet, a purse can gather stuff over time and needs to be cleaned out. Consider downsizing your purse and you’ll have less stress on your back.

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