Locks, clocks and radios

I appreciate simplicity. Less buttons mean less complications. Small things make a great product. My 2003 Hyundai Sonata is no exception.

  • Radio
    My radio has five numbered buttons. When I’m listening to a station, and want to make it a favorite, I press one of the buttons for three seconds until it beeps. That’s it, my favorite station has been set. No switching between the radio buttons and a set button while trying to remember the correct order. Just press and hold.
  • Clock
    My clock has two buttons. I press the minute and hour buttons as needed to set the time. Once again, no set button, just simple.
  • Locks
    One area that needs improvement is the automatic door locks. On the driver’s side the lock button has two sides. Press one side to lock and the other to unlock. I can never remember which side does what. The passenger side works better. To unlock pull a lever towards you, to lock push it away from you, that’s it.

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