Joshua Wold


The small details

My MacBook Pro has magnets in the lid. When closed the magnets hold it tight. It will never accidentally open. the power cord is also magnetic, if I trip over the cord it snaps off, it doesn’t pull the laptop down with it, genius!

If the lid is closed, and I want to check the battery I press a small gray button with light holes drilled beside it. Based on the amount of holes that light up I see how much battery is left. Other laptops do this, but not in the same way. The button I press to check the battery is barely noticeable. It’s only there if you need it. That’s smart design.

The little things are important. Spend the time to ensure the quality of your work is excellent, the very best it can be. It’s easy to tell yourself that the details don’t matter, but in the end all those details lend themselves to a better quality product.

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