Joshua Wold


The details

I’ve spent extra time recently printing flyers, tickets, bulletins, and survey cards for a new project. I normally stick to web design, veering to print only when necessary. I’m torn on my feelings for print. On the one hand I enjoy seeing a tangible object that I created, something I can hold. On the other, printing is such a pain. Mistakes are easily made and hard to fix.

But back to the topic. I once told a client that the details don’t really matter, as long as customers see the gist of the message, the product or service works. Now I’m not so sure. Spending the extra time on the tiniest details makes all the difference in the overall quality of your project.

I could have typed out a survey card in five minutes and printed it off. Instead I chose to spend extra time and think over the questions, revise the layout, play with the typography. Even if the client doesn’t consciously perceive the difference, in the end I believe I’ve made a better product.

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