I don’t believe in multitasking. I avoid it at all costs. When I need to get a job done I cut out distractions. Programmers say they are “wired-in”, wearing headphones to indicate that they are to be left alone at all costs. It’s a good strategy. Give yourself uninterrupted time to work. An hour of uninterrupted time is more productive than eight hours with distractions.

Listening to soft music works best for me. The words don’t distract as long as I’ve heard the songs before, Pandora Radio is indispensable for this. Focus time matters. I need to start getting up early in the mornings before the distractions of the day set in.

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I'm a web designer, and a writer. I enjoy spendng time with my wonderful wife. I'm a Christian, a minimalist and a Dave Ramsey fan.

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