Yesterday we enjoyed a few hours in nature. It was a warm sunny day, nice enough to get outside with just a light sweater.

Our destination was a cliff face a few miles off the main road. We drove our sedan as far as we dared and parked on the grass beside the road. We walked for about a mile before arriving at a flat area with pine trees and brush. At the far side is the main cliff face with a 105 foot drop from the highest point.

The view over the cliff is wonderful. It looks over a forest. Beyond the forest you can see a barn beside a meadow and further back are rolling hills. After enjoying the view we walked along the edge of the cliff until we found a spot where we could get down. Once we reached the bottom we walked along the base of the cliff through the rocks and boulders.

Getting out in nature is peaceful and relaxing. Even though we don’t live near any mountains I thoroughly enjoy every opportunities to be outside.

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