Short and sweet

These past few months I’ve been working to write shorter emails. 1-3 sentence emails is the sweet spot for me. I have two reasons for this.

  1. There’s less words to be misunderstood. Writing short emails forces me to get straight to the point. Every word counts.
  2. It saves time for the person receiving my email. Shorter emails are easier to read and more likely to garner a response.

Writing short emails requires efficiency in my words. My writing must be easy to understand. Often I’ll spend more time revising a short email to perfection than I would have spent on writing a long email without editing.

  1. i’m reading throught many of the posts so i identify these to be plumb interesting. abject my english seriously isn’t exaclty the most effective. would there be anyway to transalte this into my argot, spanish. it would really help us a lot. since i may be with a par while using english terminology for the language.

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