Author: Joshua

Leading to Design

I’ve started a new project. It’s called Leading to Design, a site where I share my learnings as a product designer, and the journey I’m taking to support and lead a design vision within my company. Check it out! The first few posts are up, and you can subscribe to my something-weekly newsletter.

Write what you want to read

A few weeks ago I shared why I write. The heart of it is sometimes I write what I wish I could read. So many of us have a thirst to learn, an undying curiosity. While you may find that starts to take the edge off of your curiosity, more often then not you can […]

Eye replacement in FaceTime

Yesterday a story running around caught my attention. In the beta version of iOS 13 FaceTime is doing something pretty unique for iPhone XS and iPhone XR users. Normally, if you make a FaceTime call, and are looking at the screen to watch the person you’re calling, it looks like your eyes are looking down. […]

A thousand words

There’s a movie that came out a few years ago starring Eddie Murphy. In it he could only speak 1,000 words, and if he went over that amount something bad would happen. That’s all I know, I never saw the movie. Some days I feel the same with writing, that I have a limited amount […]

Product Design at Automattic

The above sketch is from my work on the product filter blocks for WooCommerce. For the past three months I’ve been working at Automattic as a Product Designer with the WooCommerce team. The first few weeks were Support Rotation, followed by onboarding, and then jumping into some smaller projects and attending a few meetups. Right […]