Life with two kids

Amidst all the chaos of life, it’s important to remember that kids really do grow up incredibly fast. My son is six, and my daughter is two. I love watching them interact together as they hang. Even with the age difference they love being around each other. I’m reminded that they have an opportunity to… Continue reading Life with two kids


I’ve been trying to figure out how to consume data that’s more ephemeral in nature. Headlines and social media sites are one of the worst ways to do this. My ideal would be a weekly cycle with a brush if articles that inform me on things that are happening around the world. The challenge is… Continue reading News

Remote office

Some random thoughts on my experiences working remotely recently. Most of the time I work from home, in an actual office room. We built this house a year ago, and I made sure to have a room set aside for work. Recently though I’ve been having a hard time just being in my office. I… Continue reading Remote office